Real Estate Trends to Watch In 2022

In many countries, The Real Estate Market Is Evolving, as well-known builders and developers present various intriguing new housing initiatives around the country, attracting domestic and international investment.

The government has suggested the notion of vertical cities to go along with the country’s current focus on environmentally friendly urban development. High-rise infrastructure that occupies minimum space in densely populated cities while still protecting the surrounding environment is the focus of this idea

It is becoming increasingly popular in many countries to create well-planned housing communities that are both affordable and environmentally friendly, a trend that is becoming more prevalent in the country’s real estate market.

Buildings with a High Rise

Due to new recommendations issued by development authorities in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, several skyscrapers have recently been built in these cities.

Additionally, this is an excellent chance for engineers, architects, and other members of the development and construction industry to advance their careers.

These buildings are especially popular with millennials since they are cheaper and less of a nuisance to maintain than traditional homes.

Multi-Functional Buildings

Residential, commercial, and corporate properties are integrated to create mixed-use communities in many countries, a growing trend. This is an excellent option for many since it provides quick access to various amenities, including entertainment, shopping and employment opportunities, all in one location.

Customers with ever-increasingly hectic schedules will appreciate the simplicity of the design. Currently, Lahore boasts the most mixed-use buildings in Pakistan, and more are in the pipeline.

Private Neighborhoods with Fences

Bahria Towns and DHAs in Pakistan’s cities sparked the rise in the popularity of gated communities. A gated community is now being built for nearly every new housing society under construction.

In a gated community, residents can rest assured knowing there is always someone on hand to keep them secure. Many recreational activities and facilities like parks, libraries, gyms, and restaurants are within a short distance of the homes in these well-planned communities.


Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the Naya Pakistan Housing Project (NPHP) to address the country’s expanding population and housing deficit. The government intends to build five million housing units as part of this initiative to provide low- and middle-income families with decent places to live.

Additional dwelling units will be provided by a prefabricated house facility developed for this project. Factory-built houses will subsequently be sent to the desired location. This project is also being considered by foreign contractors from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and China, according to Mr. Zaigham Mehmood Rizvi (chairman of the NPHP).

This is advantageous since the government’s goal will need the employment of cutting-edge technology held by large-scale enterprises.

In The Style of A Villa

Villa-style homes are becoming increasingly popular, and many new housing developments have included them in their master designs. The residents of these residences may enjoy a luxurious and opulent lifestyle without breaking the budget.

These residences include spacious layouts, contemporary finishes, and access to a wide range of services and facilities. Since the cost of luxury has never been so low, villas have become increasingly popular as investment vehicles.

A Combination of Hotels and Serviced Residences

Swiss International is one of the most well-known names in the hotel sector. For those who want to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel, Radisson and Ramada are building hotel-style residences that include concierge services and amenities such as room service, valet parking and cleaning.

It’s one of the most popular real estate trends in many countries since it gives consumers a 5-star experience while still allowing them to enjoy the peace and comfort of home. These residences are ideal for business travelers and high-level professionals looking for a home away from home that also offers a luxurious experience.


Many nations worldwide have already constructed townhouses, which have been well accepted and are in high demand. Smaller houses with additional stores have been included in these popular housing complexes in many sites, which are now available for purchase.

Because more homes may be built on a single parcel, this encourages residents to feel more connected to their neighbors. In addition to providing a first-class living experience at an affordable price, these homes are great for families with little children.

Are You Interested In Purchasing A Home? Consider the Following Factors

The present housing market is, to put it mildly, a fascinating one. Home prices are rising across the country, and borrowing costs have also increased. This has left many potential purchasers in a difficult situation.

May might be a challenging month to buy a home, whether you’re a buyer or an investor looking for a property soon. If you want to buy a house shortly, here are some trends to keep an eye on.

1. Mortgage Interest Rates Are Expected To Rise For The Foreseeable Future.

If you’ve been looking to buy a home in the last several months, you’ll likely have to pay a higher interest rate in May.

Because of the Fed’s indications that it intends to hike the federal funds rate many times this year, rates have risen significantly. As a result of rising living costs, there is a need to assist reduce inflation.

On the other hand, mortgage rates are expected to climb if the federal funds rate rises (as are different consumer borrowing rates, like credit card interest rates). Thus, purchasers may find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford a property.

2. There Will Be a Slowdown in the Supply of Homes for Sale

Spring is traditionally the busiest time of year to put your house on the market. However, the spring of 2021’s inventory did not increase much, and there is reason to anticipate that we are due for another spring of a few homes for sale.

There were 950,000 properties on the market at the end of March, which constitutes a two-month supply, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). A balanced housing market requires a supply of four to six months.

You’d think sellers would rush to put their properties on the market before interest rates rise. This hasn’t happened in the last several weeks, suggests that inventory levels will remain slow in May, as they have been for months.

3. The Cost of a Home Will Continue to rise

As reported by the NAR, the existing house median selling price climbed to $375,300 in March. That’s a 15% increase over the previous year’s numbers.

Even with rising mortgage rates, home prices are projected to stay high in May since the supply of homes is unlikely to expand significantly. Mortgage volume has decreased during the previous few weeks, although not to an extraordinary extent. We should expect property prices to remain at today’s inflated levels as long as purchasers continue to exit the market.



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