Zaki Ameer, the owner of Dream Design Property located in Australia, is the subject of this article. His real estate mentoring services have been the subject of online complaints.

Having grown up in Australia, I have written this blog for many years. My aim is to provide information that consumers can trust. It should be free of sugar coating and negativity. While I consider myself optimistic, I also recognize BS when I see it.

My own investments in real estate have generated relatively low returns, having been an investor myself. In order to increase my investment returns, I am seeking better methods. Voila! Thousands of Australians have benefited from my free training courses. I’ll elaborate later.

A few thoughts about Zaki Ameer’s work

I’ve learned quite a bit about Zaki since the first time I met him. Nathan Birch was one of my favorites before he became famous. Despite his fame, Nathan Birch owned a limited number of properties. The world was very different back then.

My impression of Zaki was that he was trustworthy. His services in the real estate and investment sectors were highly praised. This was his third successful venture. In his position, he stands out due to his ‘migrant mentality.

The media has, however, given some negative coverage to Zaki Ameer over the years. There have been some claims of unpaid debts. Though I am not a fan of journalism generally, I enjoyed watching A Current Affair with Zaki.

Dream Design: A Property Review

Properly managing your property investment strategy means being able to grow your portfolio without continuously investing money. Often, people view real estate as a way to save money and buy more properties. The size of your property portfolio is determined by your income, so it depends on how much you earn. There is a good chance that you are not following the correct strategy unless you are investing organically and self-funding.

Investing in real estate can provide good profits in the future, or you can turn one property into multiples without having to worry about losing them. Investing in the right property can make your dream come true once you earn more money.

The property manager or consultant you hire can assist you at every step if you are looking to invest in a property. They provide advice on property investment strategies, assistance with property searches, and property investment reports. Additionally, you will gain access to a host of additional benefits and learn more about the first-time homebuyer’s process.

Is finding a good property consultant more important than anything else before making an investment?

Asset creation with digital assets

I love digital assets. As a result, I have a better cash flow than the Australian real estate market, which is currently in decline and experiencing low consumer confidence. Perhaps you should reconsider your strategy.

The fact that this is true has become known to Australian investors. The company’s strategy, despite its small income, makes sense. The majority of employees would like to leave their jobs within the next two to three years, but they are having difficulty doing so. For me, leaving my job took three years.

I have inspired thousands of people to explore new horizons through my work. Find out more in our free course. For beginners, it is easy to use because it is used by Australians and New Zealanders. The four modules can be accessed with just an email address. You are bound by your word.


Dream Design Do’s reputation as a reliable and excellent company is excellent, but it has room for improvement.

A property mentoring company shouldn’t have so many complaints. In percentage terms, they are dozens too many. There will be some setbacks for a company of this size. It is impossible to satisfy every client.

Is Zaki a candidate for recommendation? Having both joy and sadness at the same time is possible. While Dream Design has a history of bad press, it remains committed to providing quality customer service throughout Australia.



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